Daniel Getzoff is a Los Angeles-based community activist and organizer, a playwright, personal essayist/blogger, a multi-faceted nonprofit sector worker, a recovering actor, and a recovering addict. In the past few years, he has added fiction writer to that list. Danny was awarded 2 residencies at Playa Summerlake in south central Oregon in 2014 and 2015 to work on his first novel, Nicknames for Harold, the first draft of which is approximately 95.27% complete. Give or take.

As a playwright, he has been called “an unmistakable talent” by the LA Weekly, and Backstage West stated that “his writing grapples with the eternal midnight of the soul.”  In the summer of 2014, Danny was commissioned by the University of California, Riverside, to write a short work of fiction, Parlo(u)r Game(s) as a companion to a work of ethnography-based theater in development there. His play At Least Until You Die received high critical praise and a Garland/Backstage West Award nomination for Playwriting.

In 2009, during his 4,200-mile solo bike trek from Washington, DC to Los Angeles he published a travel-blog that can be perused here, yo!. His blog has now come alive alive ALIVE! again, this time at

As a writer-performer, Danny has written and performed pieces at several spoken-word venues in Los Angeles, including S.P.A.R.K., The Eclectic Company Theatre, and Beyond Baroque. In January 2017, he performed his piece Seeking Post-Election Connection, or A Desperate Attempt to Incorporate a Shattered-Glass Metaphor into Fucking Everything at The Comedy Store-Manchester, UK (Take Back Theatre Collective).

Danny received his B.A. at the University of California, Santa Cruz, graduating with highest honors in a multi-disciplinary, individual course of study relating to issues of community, sexuality, culture, disease and identity.